Business Formation and Operation

CASTAYBERT PLLC counsels and assists individuals, start-ups, emerging companies, as well as more established entities, on business formation and operation on an ongoing basis.  The firm offers a wide spectrum of corporate and commercial services related to the formation of the proper entity and its ongoing business.  Among the matters in which CASTAYBERT PLLC can be of assistance are:

  • Selection and formation of the best form of legal entity and organizational structure (e.g., LLP, LLC and other structures.)
  • Preparation and negotiation of shareholder agreements, LLC operating agreements.
  • Clearing, registering, and securing name, trademarks and intellectual property.
  • Preparation and negotiation of general business agreements, including employment, sales, distribution, and other commercial contracts.
  • Representation of businesses in connection with real estate and lease negotiations.
  • Legal issues relating to advertising and social media.
  • Reviewing property, employee practices and other insurance matters.
  • General counsel services for business and corporate matters, including risk control and litigation avoidance.
  • Wind downs and corporate dissolutions.

To learn more about how CASTAYBERT PLLC can assist you in your business formation and operation, please explore the practice area descriptions, and contact us.