Fashion Law

Fashion Law is a diverse practice area that involves different aspects of the fashion industry and intersecting and overlapping areas of the law.  Among other areas, fashion law requires a knowledge of intellectual property (trademark, copyright and some knowledge of patent), business and financial law (including fashion financing and factoring), international trade and government regulation, consumer laws, counterfeiting, licensing and distribution, real estate, employment issues involving designers, models and other employees, advertising law and consumer protection, as well as import/export regulations.

With a broad background in all these areas arising from years of litigation and arbitration experience, including on behalf of and against some of the best-known fashion houses of Europe, and on behalf of leaders in licensed home furnishing, bedding, bath, and beach industry, CASTAYBERT PLLC’s principal attorney has the experience and knowledge necessary to counsel a diverse set of clients in the fashion industry such as retailers, merchandisers, licensors and licensees, fashion design companies, modeling agencies, and fashion executives.

The firm has extensive experience dealing with litigation in the IP area, including the drafting of cease and desist letters, trademark related litigation, non-compete and trade secrets litigation, and disputes arising from the breach of licensing, distribution and royalty agreements, as well as litigation arising from fee disputes.  The firm’s lawyers are also experienced in representing clients in “emergency” litigation involving requests for temporary and permanent injunctive relief and cases seeking lost profits damages.

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