Discovery in the U.S. in Aid of Foreign or International Proceedings

Section 1782 of the U.S. Code allows parties in foreign and international disputes outside the U.S. to apply to a federal court to obtain evidence for use in the non-U.S. proceeding including documents and testimony. The litigators at CASTAYBERT PLLC have significant experience and expertise invoking this important tool in seeking discovery in the U.S. for use in foreign and international proceedings. The lawyers at our firm have successfully obtained and resisted such discovery on behalf of clients. We stay apprised of developments in this area in each of the US Circuit and District Courts to advise our clients and their counsel concerning the availability of discovery in each federal jurisdiction. If you are a party or an attorney representing a party in a non-U.S. proceeding and need discovery in the U.S., or if you need to oppose such discovery, CASTAYBERT PLLC offers efficient and cost effective representation, and has the expertise and wherewithal to assist you.