Employment Law

CASTAYBERT PLLC counsels and represents both employers and employees in employment law matters from inception of the relationship through termination and in enforcing post-departure employee obligations.


CASTAYBERT PLLC understands the legal and business implications of entering and exiting employment  agreements.  The firm is experienced in negotiating agreements for clients in a variety of employment contexts, and will represent them when a party to a contract breaches, threatens to breach, or is accused of breaching an agreement.  Employers face a wide range of employment, discrimination, harassment, retaliation and benefits claims.  The firm counsels corporate clients in mitigating these risks and advises them concerning the application of the Americans with Disabilities Act, breach of contract, defamation, discrimination, non-compete and trade secrets, wage and hour violations, whistle-blower claims, and wrongful discharge and retaliation claims.  In addition to employment agreements, the firm will assist corporate clients in preparing employee policy and procedure handbooks, social media policies and procedures, invention assignment, independent contractor, work-for-hire, and confidentiality agreements.

And when preventive measures are insufficient, the litigators at CASTAYBERT PLLC are ready to defend employers in EEOC or New York Labor Department investigations and against the panoply of claims that can arise in the workplace whether in administrative proceedings or in court.


CASTAYBERT PLLC represents employees whose employment is ending, whether the employee has chosen to leave their position or has been terminated by the employer.  The firm negotiates separation agreements to obtain the best possible terms; if potential legal claims are raised, the firm will work with the client to identify and pursue the client’s goals through negotiation, mediation, arbitration or litigation in court if appropriate.

The firm is well-versed in a variety of workplace laws that protect employees against being discharged, demoted, suspended, threatened, harassed, or otherwise discriminated against.   The firm will, on occasion, represent employees who have suffered workplace discrimination or harassment.  CASTAYBERT PLLC also advocates for employees who have been illegally retaliated against for reporting misconduct in the workplace, including discrimination and financial wrongdoing.

To learn more about how CASTAYBERT PLLC can assist you with employment law matters, please explore the related practice area descriptions or contact us.