Commercial Contracts and Agreements

CASTAYBERT PLLC assists its clients in preparing and drafting the key commercial contracts and agreements that they need to run and operate their businesses.  Whether you need a guaranty, a note, a security agreement, a power of attorney, a commercial lease, an employment agreement, an independent contractor or work-for hire agreement, a non-disclosure or confidentiality agreement, an invention ownership agreement, a distribution agreement, a marketing agreement, a licensing or royalty agreement, a sponsorship agreement, an assignment or transfer of ownership agreement, an indemnification agreement, a cease and desist letter, a waiver or release, an affidavit or confession of judgment, CASTAYBERT PLLC can help negotiate, prepare and craft the right agreement to meet your needs promptly and cost effectively.

To learn more about how CASTAYBERT PLLC can help you to draft or negotiate the agreement you need, please contact us.