CASTAYBERT PLLC has the expertise and experience to manage large scale and complex E-Discovery, including the discovery of e-mails and other electronic documents.  The firm’s principal attorney has counseled clients on e-discovery matters for as long as there have been e-documents, and stays abreast of the latest case law and industry practices on a daily basis.  He has also served as the lead attorney in large scale document collections and reviews and has extensive experience selecting, coordinating, and supervising e-discovery vendors and contract attorneys to ensure that data is properly collected and appropriately filtered to minimize time and costs of review and production.

CASTAYBERT PLLC also has the experience, expertise and resources necessary to verify that our clients’ adversaries comply with their obligations to collect and produce E-Discovery.  The firm uses a network of experts and vendors who allow it to ensure that the E-Discovery produced by adversaries is complete, complies with the applicable discovery rules, and can be reviewed in a timely and cost effective manner. The lawyers at CASTAYBERT PLLC also have the experience and expertise to seek sanctions for spoliation of evidence when and if appropriate in defense of its clients’ interests.

The firm has particular experience handling E-Discovery in the complex context of international and cross-border litigation, which can raise complicated issues of jurisdiction and conflicting privacy and confidentiality laws.

As part of the firm’s general counsel services, we are prepared to advise clients about document maintenance policies and procedures, preparing document preservation notices, reviewing policies and procedures for document disposal, and employee policies regarding access to and preservation of electronic materials.

To learn more about how CASTAYBERT PLLC can assist you with your E-Discovery needs, please contact us.